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With music; 👁️  Nuwaubian Hotep (...after decades of study) have a mastered the ancient "Tamarean"(...the ancient name of Egypt before Khemet) spherical sound healing art formand my goal is not just to entertain, but rather to also instruct on a spiritual platform, teaching a lost and forgotten science known as "Nuwaupu aka Nuwaubu", who's ancient home is Nuweiba aka Ta-Netjer ("Land of the Gods!"). Of which is extended to the Semitic morphology in the Hebraic word "nabiy'" (Strong's H5030) and the Arabic word "nubuwata". If we look past these Semitic roots and draw our etymology from the older original Tamarean root, we then find in our sacred MDU NTR (Metu-Neter - hieroglyph) that the term "nuwb" is actually a reference to gold!  


Initially, Nuwaupu was bought to America via Sun Ra, whose main breakout students were Dr. Malachi Z. York (aka AMUNUBI RAHKAPTAH), Pharaoh Sanders (Jazz Saxophonist), and Afroo Oonoo (creator of the science of NoopooH)


A scholar and graduate of Five Towns College (...attending tuition free!) located in Dix Hills, LI. I am a well-rounded and completely professional musician fusing genres such as jazz, classical, r&b and hip-hop into an esoterically soothing sound that some have stated: "originates from the kosmos". A male oracle of serene temperament and stature, existing before names and spoken word, with no beginning nor end, spiritually belonging to the ancient priesthood of Annu (aka Heliopolis: City of the Sun!). I am a worshiper of the eternal Sun! (Malachi 4:2) from which all life and healing on our planet extend. I am the astral traveler who has toured the cosmic known and unknown multiverse, effectively effectuating sight beyond sight! I have helped many and hopefully, my cosmically inspired musical vibrations will leave you tuned, at peace, and eternally bliss. How may I help you?


Question: "Nuwaubian Hotep, your album "Innercircle" along with its eclectic song titles combined with advanced chordal structures and arrangements is a far cry from today's so-called blend of the entirely unoriginal 'Smooth Jazz' music genre. What inspired you to create such a unique work?"


Answer: I was commanded by my great Elders whom I pray to, to create, complete, and reveal these sacred tones for my brethren in these; The last days of the 7th Thunder! as prophesied by The Master Teacher: Amun Nebu Re Akh Tah in the El Gadush Kitab - aka "The Holy Tablets", of which is the countdown to the 6000 years of existence (...measured by the Moon Cycle of the Hebrew Calendar!) that was promised to the seed of Yaquub! (2 Peter 3:8, Exodus 20:11).  To help to ensure our procurement in the spiritual bliss, the paradise of ANNU (...that silent place aka Heliopolis: "City of the Sun!") by the renewal and reactivation of our imploding DNA via the sacred tone AUM: [OHM] (The actual true name of our Sun!), thereby resetting our "ZTR" - [Zero Time Reference clock] and achieving an eternal life escaping purgatory, defeating the ignorant concept of death.

I have now decided to help reawaken and revibrate my tribe ( per the sacred MDU NTR  "Yahshua"  [aka M'shauasha] is a Libyan tribe not a single person!) of whom I love dearly and have a desire for all of us collectively to reach and maintain a state of eternal spiritual bliss. Thusly, I have currently begun work upon a new project to help move forward our 'Hue-Mim-Kind' to the next evolutionary stage: 'Homo-Spiritus'. As these so-called Tic Tac UFOs of whom are actually our ancient elders who operate orb-sized craft (using magnetic propulsion) that potentially can move faster than the speed of light and have defeated time in the linear sense are now in this so-called modern-day boldly presenting themselves to the world. These are the time travelers who left the oversized Olmec heads across the Americas for you as evidence for you to reclaim procurement to your legacy that was stolen from you. Stay tuned... 

Still, however, and incredibly as of this writing, as we have allowed the spell of Leviathan (666) to deceive and regain hold of our moral compass some have collectively returned to a harmful low vibration, and thus some are now trapped in a spiritual disease of "ghostfestation" (...the worship and perverted spell casting of fables and 6th etheric [GHOST], Ausarian personified Crescent Moon, and/or Tamarean re-interpreted Amun Phallus God based deities, (Rev: 3:14: Jesus The Amen), of which is spookism, and still need to hear [again, again and again [999>666] these sacred tones to help break the spells of ignorance and begin to 'OVER-stand' [Supreme Wisdom!] the sacred science created under the pylons of our sacred, beloved ancient Tama-Re, Nuwaupu and it's 720 degrees [our Verified Recorded Science!].


Question: Nuwaubian Hotep this written bio of yours has an air of a grandiose Messiah archetype. Is this how you see yourself?


Answer: Today's world with its ignorance and obsession with the wicked manufactured falsehoods of modern-day religion has redefined the term"Messiah" which simply means: "to be anointed"(E.A. Wallis Budge Hieroglyphic Dictionary 287A.) In my opinion, the savior of Mankind applies to an entire tribe of Men and Women who are chosen not by a particular religion, or region, but rather by Brown Melanin which are the true 12 tribes of Auset Ra El - the chosen of Qi Earth = Life Energy ).   Ergo, I am simply presenting myself as a student who teaches, whose purpose is the realignment of a lost and not found sheep that once located, are then pointed in the direction that they should travel back to the herd where they will be fed and nurtured among kindred!  So, my beloved👁️ am here walking in the sun as if all can see me at all times, so that I may reach you, and teach you that You are the Messiah that you seek and worship! (69)


Nuwaubian Hotep

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