720° / 33rd° TRIPLE TAU ☆

Raahubaat (Greetings),


With music I Nuwaubian Hotep: 720º/33rdº TRIPLE TAU ╪ have become a master of the ancient Khemetic and spherical sound healing art form known as "Wazufa" and my goal is not just to entertain, but rather to also instruct on a spiritual platform, teaching 720° of a lost and forgotten, highly intricate Wathu' (science) known as Nuwaupu, who's etymological root is the ancient Sumerian term "Nabi" defining a "prophet", who's Semetic extension is the Hebraic word "nabiy'" (Gen 20:7) and the Arabic word "nubuwa" (Quran 3:79).


A scholar and graduate of Five Towns College located in Dix Hills, LI. I am a well-rounded and completely professional musician fusing genres such as jazz, classical, r&b and hip-hop into an esoterically soothing sound that some have stated: "originates from the kosmos". A male oracle of serene temperament and stature, existing before names and spoken word, with no beginning nor end, spiritually belonging to the ancient priesthood of Annu (aka Heliopolis: Gen:41:45). I am a worshiper of the eternal Sun (Malachi 4:2) from which all life and healing on our planet extend. Who's ancient home is Nuweiba aka Ta-Netjer ("Land of the Gods"). I am the astral traveler who has toured the cosmic known and unknown multiverse, effectively effectuating sight beyond sight! I have helped many and hopefully, my cosmically inspired musical vibrations will leave you tuned, at peace and eternally bliss. How may I help you?


Question: "Nuwaubian Hotep why in all these years did you only release one album?"


Answer: I was ordered by my great Elders of whom I pray to, to create, complete and reveal these sacred tones for my brethren in these the last days in time to help ensure their procurement in the spiritual bliss of paradise [ANNU] by the renewal and re-activation of their imploding DNA via the sacred tone AUM: [OHM], thereby resetting their "ZTR" - [Zero Time Reference] and achieving eternal life in bodily form. Once I am satisfied of my brethren (of whom I love dearly) have reached and maintain a 'renewed vibrated state', I shall then begin to work upon a new project to help move forward 'Hue-Mim-kind' to the next evolutionary stage: 'Homo-Spiritus'.


Incredibly as of this writing some have remained 'collectively' at a low vibration, and thus some have become trapped in a spell of "ghostfestation" (the worship of fables and their invisible deities), of which is wayward, errant 6th etheric spookism, and still need to hear [again, again and again] these sacred tones to help break the spells of ignorance and begin to 'OVER-stand' [Supreme Wisdom] the sacred science created under the pylons of our sacred, beloved ancient Tama-Re, Nuwaupu and it's 720 degrees [our Verified Recorded Science!].


Question: Nuwaubian Hotep this written bio of yours has an air of a grandiose Messiah archetype. Is this how you see yourself?


Answer: Today's world with its ignorance of modern-day religion has redefined the "Messiah" of which simply means: "to be anointed". In my opinion, this term should and does apply to an entire race of Men, not merely one person.  Ergo, I am simply presenting myself as a Shepard who's purpose is gathering a lost sheep of which once located, they are then pointed in the direction that they should travel back to the herd where they will be fed and nurtured.  So, my beloved If spiritually my music has helped (fed) you in any way,  then I have succeeded in my task and I implore upon you that you become the Messiah and  SHARE IT with those whom you can now help to REVIBRATE!!!"


Nefer Maguraj (Good Journey) 

Nuk Pu Nuk! (I AM that I AM!)

How may EYE help you? יהרה אלהי صو الله

#NuwaubianHotep 720º/33rdº TRIPLE TAU ╪

9uardians of the 9th 9ate

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