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Ron, Trevor, Clarence, Barry, Brenda and Timothy of Milestone.

It all started many moons ago in the basement of a local small church in Laurelton Queens, NYC. Myself (Barry: Vocals, Keyboards), Trevor (Bass, Vocals) and a few other high school classmates got together on weekends to practice the latest songs we heard on the radio. Eventually we would tour the East Coast with the addition of Brenda (Vocals) Ron (Guitar), Clarence (Drums) and Timothy (Piano, Vocals). Finishing by backing up a top charting band in Miami at an exclusive night club. Our 1st attempts at recording our own material by all means was a complete success raved by all who heard, but however and soon after

the group disbanded.

The re-release of "It Took Her" in a short time has been the tremendous success that everyone said it would be initially. Please enjoy and please stay tuned for more music to come!

Peace and Love,


CEO: Nibiru Sound Studios

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