def b4 dishona

Reppin:  Passaic, NJ aka the Purple Brick

All tracks written and produced by Barry Jones/BMI and Big Six except where indicated. All traxs recorded at Nibiru Sound Studios except where indicated.

Rules: Original beat created and produced by Barry, feat. Big Six and Arrogance.

Could it Be: Original beat created and produced by Barry, feat. Angie, Lil' Joe and Big Six

Bad Dreams: Original beat created by Barry and Big Six feat Bix Six

Curse of the Six and the K-I-D. feat Big Six and Shaun Blaque aka Arrogance.

Solo: Feat Big Six. Original  beat by Kiko

Dream See It Up: Original beat by Kiko. Feat Big Six and Arrogance.

Jersey Life: Original beat by Barry feat. Psycho Saddam aka Web, Yung Pablo, Lady Scarlet, Vocals: Shae

Money: Feat. Big Six. Original beat by Kiko

Def B4 Dishona: Original beat by Tojo. Feat Big Six

Let Me Be The One: Original beat by Barry: Feat. Arrogance, Bix Six, Psycho. Vocals Angie

The Game Is Done: (Live rehearsal trax) Original beat: Barry. Feat: Big Six, Psycho Saddam, Arrogance. Recorded at the Music Building, NYC.

Home of Nibiru Sound Studios 47 Central Ave Passaic, NJ 07055

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Recorded at

Nibiru Sound Studios: Passaic, NJ

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